A 1000(ish) Ways to Make Money Online Without Skills or Experience

Okay, okay, okay, I realise that the title is a bit click-baity as there are there aren’t 1000 ways to make money online below and you do need various levels of skills and experience. However, the point of the title is that there are many jobs online and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to do them. So, read on to find out 1000(ish) ways to make money online without skills or experience.

1000 Ways to Make Money Online

So, if you are less than 80 years old and you want to earn money online, then here are the jobs that I recommend to start with. Below you will find a table with the name of the job, what skills you need, how difficult it is, and anything else I kind think of that might be useful.

Oh, and by the way, obviously I haven’t tried all these jobs. If I have the personal experience of a job, I’ll definitely let you know. If I haven’t, I’ll do likewise. The best rule of thumb here is to do your research. You shouldn’t make a decision based on the views of one person anyway.

Column Titles Explained


I’m hoping this doesn’t need any explanation. If it does, I suggest you bookmark this page and come back to it after you have finished Primary School. The title has a link that will take you to an overview below the table.

Difficulty Level

Okay, this is a bit subjective. If you are indeed 80 years old and you find it difficult to turn on a computer, you’re probably not reading this anyway and many of the jobs below will be fairly difficult no matter what. However, if you’re young and savvy, most of these should not be too above your pay-grade.

Experience Level

This is not how much experience you need to start but how much experience to make money. Many of these jobs don’t require a great deal of experience and as the excellent Richard Branson said,

Earnings Potential

All the jobs will earn you more than pocket money. In fact, all of them will earn you quite a good full-time income. However, most of them will earn you very little, at least to begin with. You’re going to need to study, hustle, and work. But let’s be honest, that’s true of life in general. If you’re 30, still living in your parents’ basement, and you are broke, it’s probably because you’re a lazy arse. Get studying, hustling and working.

My Recommendation

This is my recommendation for each job. Obviously, if the job was a pile of crap, it wouldn’t be on the list. However, there are jobs that are worth having a go at immediately which you can start earning with pretty quickly too. And there are jobs that are good but will take you a long time to get any traction.

Further Reading

And this is a link to further reading about the topic. It could be a category, a post, a course on Udemy, or whatever. Click the link to find out more information or move onto the next job. So, the table’s below. Check it out and click on the job title to read more.

Finally, this will be a work in progress, of course. If it’s not complete, bookmark the page and come back later. Hopefully, there will be more.

1000 Ways to Make Money Online

JobDifficulty LevelExperience LevelEarnings PotentialMy RecommendationsFurther Reading
Kindle eBook PublisherEasyEasyGoodEasy to do with the right course.My K Money Mastery Review – Read Before You Buy (Click Here)
Content MarketingMediumSomeGoodNot just writing content. Requires knowing different skills.Content Marketer – Is It Worth Learning How to Become One? (Click Here)
Drop ShipperEasySomeGoodFind the right training and you'll be quid's in.How Does Drop Shipping Work and Should You Get Involved? (Click Here)
Social Media MarketerEasySomeGoodStudy a little then go for it.Social Media Marketer – Is It Worth Training to Become One? (Click Here)
SEO ConsultantMediumLotsGoodRequires long-term commitment.SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business (Click Here)
CopywriterMediumSomeGoodRequires some studying and a certain amount of natural talentTop 7 Insider Secrets Guaranteed to Improve Your Writing (Click Here)
Mobile App DeveloperHardLotsGreatRequires long-term commitment.Mobile App Developer Courses (Click Here)
Content WriterMediumSomeGood (eventually)Needs a lot of patience but worth doing.Content Writing Courses (Click Here)
Web DeveloperMediumSomeGoodRequires learning how to code.Web Development Courses (Click Here)
Full-Stack Web DeveloperHardSomeGoodRequires knowing about Web Design, Web Development, SEO, SMM.Full Stack Developer Bootcamp (Click Here)
User Experience (UX) DesignerMediumSomeGoodNeeds TrainingUX Design Career Toolkit Pt 1: Is UX Right For You? (Click Here)
Online Course Promoter (Other People's)EasySomeFairNeed to learn Affiliate Marketing8 Great Online Course Providers That Have Affiliate Programs (Click Here)
Online Course Promoter (Your Own)EasySomeFairNeed knowledge to sell.
Business ConsultantMediumLotsGoodIf you know your stuff, worth doing.
Product CreationDepends on the product.SomeGoodIf you know what you want to create, go for it.
InfluencerEasyMediumGoodIf you have a social media following, then this is for you.
ResearcherMediumMediumFairIf you're organised and diligent, this may be for you
PhotographerMediumEasyFairLoad up your images on sharing sites and reap the rewards.
Advertising ConsultantMediumMediumGoodIf you can run ad campaigns, you could do well.
Video MakerMediumEasyGoodIf you can find clients, could be easy money.
TraderHardHardGoodIf you can really do this, definitely go for it.
Trading CoachEasyEasyGreatTeaching people what you can already do well? Easy money.
Online English TeacherEasyMediumFairNeed to know your subject. Could be a good job.
Content CreatorMediumMediumGood (eventually)Similar to freelance writing. Needs a lot of patience but worth doing.
Graphic DesignerMediumMediumGoodGo to 99designs, pitch and earn money.
Crowdfunding ConsultantMediumMediumGoodShow people you can do and you'll have people lining up.
Niche Marketplace CreatorEasyMediumGoodYou need to be able to spot trends to do this well.
Affiliate MarketerEasyEasyGreatStart instantly, earn as you learn. Requires patience.
Local Business ConsultantEasyMediumGoodNeed to understand Google My Business.
TranscriberEasyMediumFairIf you have good keyboard skills, worth trying.
PodcasterEasyEasyGood (eventually)If you've got something to say that people want to hear, could be good.
BloggerEasyMediumFairGood for one source of income.
Brand Ambassador
EasyEasyFairIf you're into this kind of thing, then this is for you.
Virtual AssistantEasyMediumFairGood if you live in a cheap country.
Customer Service RepresentativeEasyEasyFairYou'll need the patience of a saint for this one.
Domain FlipperEasyMediumPoorProbably not worth your time.
AccountantHardLotsGoodNeed a lot of training for this one but worth the investment.
TranslatorMediumLotsFairIf you are near-native level in other languages, this one's for you.
Amazon Mechanical TurkEasyEasyPoorGood to do in your free time but not worth much.
Medical Billing FreelancerMediumMediumFairYou'll need experience for this but lots of work in countries like America.
Multi-Level Marketer (MLM)MediumMediumPoorNot worth it unless you have infinite amounts of patience.
Rent Out Your StuffEasyEasyGoodInvest in stuff. Earn good money.

Wrapping It All Up

And that’s it. Click on the links for more information. In each of the posts, you’ll find links to courses and whatnot. If you click on the links and buy one of the courses, I’ll earn a little bit of money. Thanks for the support and good luck in your future endeavours.

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