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3 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is A Complete Waste of Time

I have never really understood the preoccupation people have with Adsense. There is only one benefit to having Adsense on your website, and that’s to earn money, but even that is complete bullshit. Read on to find out why Adsense Is a complete waste of time and why you should concentrate on building your own business, not Google’s.

Why Adsense Is A Complete Waste of Time

To be honest, I do have at least one course on this website that is about Adsense and if you want to get traffic to your site, it’s well worth a look (and it may still be free). Anyway, let’s think about how to earn $100 on Adsense, which is not a huge amount of money in the “making money online” world.

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1. You Need Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors

Here’s why Adsense Is a complete waste of time. Find out how many visitors you’re getting. If you’re getting less than 100, forget about Adsense altogether. You’re never going to earn anything like $100, you won’t even earn $100 a month. So, how many visitors do you need to earn $100?

I’m going to say that you’re getting 5 cents a click, which is not a lot but not too bad either. Why 5 cents? The way to work out the earnings per click is almost impossible to do, especially for someone with my mathematical skills, so I picked an amount based on a quick bit of research.

You also need to remember that it’s not like every visitor is going to click. In fact, because most people are now aware of Adsense, there’s a lot of ad blindness out there. But I am going to be generous and say a 1% click-through rate (CTR). You could do the maths yourself, but let me save you a bit of bother by doing a few sums for you.

– 100 visitors a day: $0.05
– 250 visitors a day: $0.13
– 500 visitors a day: $0.25
– 750 visitors a day: $0.38
– 1000 visitors a day: $0.50
– 10000 visitors a day: $5.00
– 100000 visitors a day: $50.00
– 200000 visitors a day: $100.00

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To put those figures into perspective, well, I don’t think there’s much point repeating something that’s already been written about so well. Check out Neil Patel’s great blog piece on this precise subject.

Read it? Good. I think we can agree that 200,000 visitors a month would be incredible, so let’s forget 200,000 a day. But even if you could get this amount of visitors, you still wouldn’t earn $100 a day. Here’s why.

2. Google ‘Steals’ Most of Your Clicks

So, let’s assume that we are living in some kind of cloud cuckoo land where you are actually getting 2000 clicks a day. Well, there are clicks and there are clicks that Google will accept. Here’s a good quora answer that has some good information, but here are two of the best excuses that Google will come up with.

– accidentally clicked ads
– clicking your own ads

What can you do to appeal against Google claiming the above two? Nothing. And even if you do send an email calling out Google’s bullshit, what will happen? It’s not likely that Google will hold its hand up and admit they’re wrong. After all, look what Google allegedly does to its own employees. They certainly don’t care about you.

3. Google Adsense Ruins the Look of Your Site

If you are reading this in the UK, the BBC website looks great. Why? Because it is illegal to advertise on the BBC in the UK. Sadly, this is not the case if you’re visiting bbc.com from anywhere else in the world. I live in Spain and this is what I got just now.

BBC adsense

Doesn’t that look wonderful? And the BBC has people who actually try to make Adsense as unobtrusive as possible, or at least I hope they do. Google Adsense looks terrible on any site. It takes away from the appearance of your site and really doesn’t add to your site in any way. In fact, I also wrote about this on quora.com.

Adsense Is A Complete Waste of Time

And that’s why I think Adsense Is a complete waste of time. Concentrate on something much more rewarding, like affiliate marketing, and stop even thinking about Adsense.

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