The 7 Top Advantages of Taking Undergraduate Online University Courses

There are many advantages for young people to consider studying undergraduate online university courses. Whether you have just left school, or you’ve been weighing your options because of money for a while, there are many reasons for you to consider online courses. So, here are my top 7 top advantages of taking undergraduate online university courses in no particular order.

1. Many Undergraduate Online University Courses on Offer

One of the most obvious reasons why studying online is such a good idea is the sheer amount of courses available for you. There is literally nothing you can’t study online. Okay, may be not literally but pretty close.

If you click on this link, you will see all the (mostly free) courses I have managed to find recently. As you can see, there are 1000s of courses in many different subjects and areas. Well, not 1000s on the page itself but if click through to sites like Coursera, Alison and edX, there are 1000s.

Undergraduate Online University Courses
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2. Much Lower Program Costs

Of course, they are not all free but a lot of them are. Additionally, many only cost if you want a certificate, so you can still do the courses no matter what.

However, getting away from the idea of free, it’s also amazing how inexpensive some of the courses are. And when I say inexpensive, I really mean it. Here are some examples:

Universities You Can Actually Afford

RankSchoolAnnual TuitionOnline Master's Degrees
#1Midway University$3,7504
#2University of Central Arkansas$4,875 16
#3Columbus State University$4,935 15
#4Fort Hays State University$5,179 29
#5Southeast Missouri State University$5,208 27
#6University of Central Missouri$5,227 25
#7Valdosta State University$5,274 27
#8Northern Illinois University$5,355 19
#9Columbia Southern University$5,400 17
#10Missouri State University$5,525 14

You can the full list of the top 25 cheapest degrees from by clicking this link.

3. Less Personal Expenditure

It many ways, going to university is a great experience. Meeting new people, drinking too much, having few responsibilities, drinking too much, parties, and did I mention drinking too much?

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But when I went to university, not only was it free, but I got about £4000 from my local education authority, housing benefit that meant my rent in a shared apartment was £17 a month, and I got unemployment benefit during semester breaks. No one in England gets that anymore.

Staying at home to study means that you don’t need to pay extra rent, your bills are the same amount they were before; in fact, your life will be pretty much the same. And if you are wondering how much you will spend, our friends at Save the Student worked out this is what UK students spend each month.

4. There’s No Place Like Home

Ever stayed in a hotel or at a friends house for more than a couple of nights? Crap, isn’t it? The simple truth is that the bed you sleep in, the kitchen you cook in, the sofa you lounge on are all better than student accommodation at university.

Additionally, if you have just finished your last year of K-12 education, you have been a student in your home all your life. Everything is probably set up the way you like it. You have your own room, your own desk and chair, and your own TV and sound system.

Why give all that up to share an apartment with people you might not even get on with? Plus, ending up with the added ‘bonus’ of paying so much money that you could have put down a deposit on a nice house, at least in Australia.

5. What You Want, When You Want

Another great reason to study online is that you are not stuck doing courses you don’t want to do. First of all, there is the first-year nonsense that many students go through. If you want to be a computer engineer, why are you forced to study biology, English literature, or some other waste of time you don’t need?

Undergraduate Online University Courses
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Admittedly, this does not happen in all countries, but I believe it happens in most if not all US universities. I know it also happens in many Asian universities that follow the American model. Nothing like scamming more out of poor students who don’t have any choice.

You won’t have to deal with that studying online. You can choose what you want to study and when you want to study it. If the university doesn’t like it, check out the Open University; they can probably help you out.

6. Less Distraction Equals More Concentration

Not only can you save time by not studying irrelevant courses, you can also save time by having fewer distractions. You may be the most serious student at the university, but there are going to be distractions, and you will get involved.

When I was at university, the first week, called Freshers’ Week, was one long massive piss-up. So that week was lost. Then, it took me another week to recover from Freshers’ Week. Then, I started feeling better so decided it was time for another beer or ten, and so it went on.

Don’t get me wrong, I eventually settled down but by then, I had some serious catching up to do. Oh, and I had spent a fortune that I didn’t have.

7. Your Mum Will Still Look After You

Okay, I know this one is a bit silly, but take it from someone who knows. Just looking after yourself is a real chore. Not only do you have to do all your studying, but you also need to cook, clean, and generally make sure you don’t become someone out of the young ones.

undergraduate online university courses

It’s true that you might miss out on a few parties that will destroy a load of brain cells, and waste more of your time, but you will at least be getting 3 squares a day and your washing done for you.

Undergraduate Online University Courses

And that’s it. I’m not sure if I have convinced you, but then that wasn’t the point of this post. All you really need to do is think about your options, keep an open mind, and do your research. If you still want to spend a fortune, then go for it. But if you want to save yourself that fortune, then I strongly recommend that you think about undergraduate online university courses.

The 7 Top Advantages of Taking Undergraduate Online University Courses
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The 7 Top Advantages of Taking Undergraduate Online University Courses
There are many advantages for young people to consider studying undergraduate online university courses. Read on to find out my top 7 advantages...
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