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8 Great Online Course Providers That Have Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to earn money online is to promote online courses. In this article based on my post, A 1000(ish) Ways to Make Money Online Without Skills or Experience, we’re going to talk about the online course providers that have affiliate programs. However, you can’t just decide to promote all courses. Read on to find the best way to promote online courses and the best online course providers to make money with.

What Are the Best Online Course Providers to Promote

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter because what niche you decide to promote is much more important than the online course provider that provides it. However, here is a list of all the online course providers available. The list below is just the providers. You can click on each link to see what type of courses they actually provide.

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Simplilearn has a 30-day cookie period, which is quite good, and pays 10%, which is okay too. You can’t promote directly so you’ll have to sign up to either Impact Radius or Commission Junction. The courses are valued between $300 and $2,900 so you can earn some pretty good commissions when you make sales.


Edureka offers a 30-day period and pays 15% on all sales. Remember, while it may be tempting to go for the larger percentages on each sale, the better the reputation of each online course provider, the easier it is to sell courses. Don’t just think about the value of each course but think about the potential number of sales you could make.

Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei only offers courses in Project Management so if you’re into that kind of thing, then Brain Sensei is definitely the online course provider you should aim for. And don’t worry about only promoting one type of course, that’s what you want to do but more of that later. Brain Sensei offers a 30-day cookie period and 25% commissions.


edX is one of the world’s most famous online course providers so if you want to promote a provider that pretty much everyone’s heard of, then this is the one for you. It offers 10% commission payments but it’s particularly attractive feature is its 60-day cookie period, which will potentially increase your earnings significantly.

online course providers


Pluralsight specialises in technology courses and is used by 60% of Fortune 500 companies. One great advantage of Pluralsight is that it has over 7,000 courses so you won’t be struggling when thinking what to write about. It also has quite a good balance between commissions of 15% and a 45-day cookie period. 

Best My Test

If you are an ex-English teacher, you may want to promote something that relates to you. In that case, Best My Test maybe the best choice. Best My Test specialises in providing courses for students who want to ace their TOEFL tests. It has a 7-day free trial period, which is great. Their cookies are 30 days but their commission structure is not the best, starting at just 5%.

Pearson IT Certification

Pearson specialises in IT certification so if you’re knowledgable about IT, this may be the right online course provider for you. The commissions are not the biggest, at just 8%, but they do have a bonus structure if you reach monthly targets. They have a cookie period of 30 days, which is about average these days.


Teachable has one of the structures with the most generous payments. They pay 30% commissions and have a very impressive 90-day cookie period. The other bonus is that they run their own affiliate program, which I personally prefer. Plus, you can earn recurring bonuses. All in all, teachable is one of the best online course providers to promote.

online course providers

Below are three more online course providers that have affiliate programs. They are not as good as the ones above but they all have great brand names which may be a deciding factor when considering them.


Udemy is easily one of the most famous online course providers. They offer quite a nice 20% commission structure. However, there is one big disadvantage of promoting Udemy. They only have a 7-day cookie period. Personally, I don’t think this is long enough to make serious money. Still, they’re very well-known so you have to allow for that too. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a seriously well-known brand and is a well-respected brand as well. Unfortunately, it’s not something I would promote on a day-to-day basis as their commission structure is pretty pathetic; you only get $10 bucks if someone signs up. Still, its brand may well make it worthwhile.


Personally, I think Skillshare has lost its way a little and there are a lot of complaints online from teachers about the way it has grown over the years. Plus, it has the same measly $10 commission structure as LinkedIn. Probably another online course provider that is better to avoid.

How to Make Money Promoting Online Courses

The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter which online course provider you decide to promote; you just need to pick one niche and go with it. Obviously, you’re going to have to do some research but don’t worry, this is not rocket surgery. It won’t take much time but you do have to do it properly.

The best advice I can give you is to promote something that you have an interest in. Also, make the niche you promote reasonably small. If you want to promote ‘Making Money Online’, you are probably going to find it hard to rank on Google. Of course, you can use Google or Facebook ads to help you get your site noticed but most people don’t want to do that at the beginning.

Choose one type of way to make money online, affiliate marketing is an obvious choice, and then set up a blog based on that. Of course, affiliate marketing is pretty competitive but, to be honest, everything is pretty competitive these days. No matter what you choose, you’re going to have to work hard and hustle to make money.

Wrapping It All Up

And there you have it. Basically, decide what niche of courses you want to promote and then start writing about them. You may also want to actually take the courses yourself as you will be more credible, but that is up to you.

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