Affiliate Marketing For Dummies: Start a Home Business & Succeed

When you are a business owner, you always search for ways to improve your sales. In this day and age selling over the Internet is more than standard. But, when you sell online, you need a few tools to help you boost your traffic. This is why you need affiliate marketing for dummies.

Internet marketing and SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, are good options. However, have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Well, now you have and you probably have a ton of questions. What is an affiliate program? How to start affiliate marketing? Does it work and do you need it? In this Affiliate Marketing for Dummies Guide all of your questions will be answered, so don’t waste any time and sign up!

affiliate marketing for dummies
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What You Will Learn?

– What Affiliate Marketing Is
– How to Earn Money by Using Affiliate Marketing
– How to Choose a Profitable Niche
– New Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal

You will be introduced to the world of marketing and will understand the basic principles behind it. Affiliate marketing is when you put a banner on another website, Amazon for instance, and someone clicks on it to buy something. Amazon will pay you a fee because your marketing efforts improved their sales.

In this affiliate marketing for dummies course, you will learn all the details of how that works and discover what is an affiliate program. Also, you’ll learn the pros and cons of affiliate marketing of some of the most significant online retailers.

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This affiliate marketing for dummies tutorial will show you online forums where people help each other out and discuss different affiliate strategies. You will learn what CPA is and which of its networks offers the highest conversion rates.

You will become a pro in choosing valid offers that have the best rates of conversion and will make more money. This tutorial will also guide you through the process of selecting the right niche for your business and explain why that is so important.

affiliate marketing for dummies

Different Types of Marketing Explained

You will learn what the difference between advertising and marketing is. This affiliate marketing for dummies course will teach you basic SEO techniques and how to choose the best keywords to boost your traffic. Social media is also a great place where you can market your goods, and this guide will show you how to do that properly.

In this affiliate marketing for beginners course, you will also see which of the WordPress plugins will help you bring more visitors to your site, thus improving your sales. Furthermore, you’ll find out about advanced Twitter marketing techniques, Facebook promotion using ads, how to use YouTube to your advantage and more!

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Simple as ABC

If you’re only starting out, affiliate marketing might seem like a complicated concept. Don’t let that intimidate you! This affiliate marketing for dummies guide will make it very simple. The whole course is split into separate short and exciting video lessons. So, there’s no doubt that you will succeed in this course and learn many useful tricks. Furthermore, to complete this tutorial, you only need a few free hours of your afternoon. You’ll learn a ton of helpful information with the minimal amount of effort and time invested.

Your tutor is Alex Genadinik and he’s an expert in the marketing field. He has written three best-selling books on this subject. So, really, you could hardly find a better teacher. His affiliate marketing for beginners course was created to empower you by providing the right tools to help you earn extra money. Alex’s tutorials have helped over a thousand independent entrepreneurs to start their business, and you can be one of them! Finishing this affiliate marketing for dummies tutorial is a great first step in that direction.

affiliate marketing for dummies
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If you are a business owner and want to do something different regarding marketing your product and services or want to begin a new career altogether, choose this course and see how to start affiliate marketing. Learn what is an affiliate program, different affiliate marketing techniques and more. Enrol now!


– You Should Have a Website or an Idea For One
– You Should Want to Try Different Strategies Regarding Affiliate Marketing


1. Course introduction – watch this first to understand what you get from the course.
2. Affiliate marketing basics – what is an affiliate program and how to choose an affiliate marketing niche.
3. Steps to get started with affiliate marketing.
4. Fundamentals of choosing great offers that will make the most money.
5. Comparison of major affiliate sites.
6. Marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate products.
7. Facebook ads – regular Facebook ads and highly converting retargeting ads.
8. Social media automation and traffic.
9. Email marketing and autoresponders.
10. Google AdWords retargeting.
11. How to recruit affiliates to resell your product or service.
12. How to get a domain name and set up your affiliate website.
13. Affiliate example with BlueHost.
14. Fifteen+ additional ways to generate an online income.
15. Business models and strategies to get 1000% more from customers.
16. Additional content

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “What is an affiliate program?” then this is the right course for you, and considering the price is only $9.99, well worth the money. Sign up by clicking the button below.

If you enjoyed the above, leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, please feel free to add that below too. Thanks and speak again soon.

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