Become a Fiverr Freelance Writer and Make Some Good Money Online

First of all, before we get into the nitty-gritty of this article, I’m afraid I have some bad news; there are no easy ways for freelance writers to make money online. However, making money online as a Fiverr freelance writer is certainly possible. I know because I do it.

The problem is that while Google is working to make the internet more informative and interesting, it is not doing anything to make people write better English. But all is not lost. Read on to find out the strategy for freelance writers to make money online.

Becoming a Fiverr Freelance Writer

Anyone who can string a few sentences together in English, even if it’s bad English, can earn money writing. And if you spend any time in freelance writing Facebook groups, it is laughable how many people think they can write English.

Fiverr Freelance Writer
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The sad thing is that most people looking for freelance writers seem to think we do it for love. If you go on a site like Upwork, you can find people who only want to pay $1 for 1000 words. The really unfortunate thing is that there are people who will write 1000 words for a buck.

This doesn’t mean you can’t earn good money as a freelance writer; it’s just that it’s going to take you time to build up a decent reputation. Once you have a good reputation, you’ll start building up a good client base, and then life will get much more comfortable. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Decide What Niche(s) You Are Going to Write

To be honest, you can write about anything you want. If you are reasonably good at research and feel confident that you can write on something, even if you know nothing about it, then choose popular niches.

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What are the most popular niches? They’re called evergreen niches, which means that they never go out of fashion. Here are a few examples:

– Sports and hobbies
– Weight loss
– Relationships
– Beauty
– Wealth
– Food
– Mental health

There are many more, but those give you an example of what to look for. Since Fiverr only allows you to set up seven gigs, you could just use those seven as your gig niches. Remember, you can always turn down a gig if you don’t feel able to do it.

2. Write Descriptions for Each Gig

You need to write original descriptions for each gig. They don’t have to be amazing but make sure you use the keywords for the niche you’re writing about a couple of times. Try to write the descriptions in a way that reflects the writing style you’re most comfortable with and, for goodness sake, make them at least a bit interesting.

Fiverr Freelance Writer
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You don’t have to write them before you start setting up your gigs. You can write them as you set up each gig, but I found that trying to write decent descriptions inside the Fiverr website itself was more difficult than writing them in a doc and then copying them over. Still, do whichever way you’re happy with; the end result will probably be more or less the same.

3. Sign Up for a Fiverr Account

If you haven’t got a Fiverr account yet, you can sign up using my link if you don’t mind. This is basic stuff, but you do need to write a description of yourself. Apart from that, you shouldn’t have any real problems.

Make sure you have a good photo. Some people say it doesn’t matter what profile pic you use, but I don’t agree with this. Use a real picture because I think that people are much more likely to order from someone who they can see is human than a pic of a computer or some other inanimate object.

4. Start Setting Up Your Gigs

You should have worked out how many gigs you’re going to have. As I said, you can have seven gigs as a Fiverr freelance writer. I have a generic “I can write anything” gig, and then I have 5 others (so far) on specific niches. So try to split up your skill into sub-skills, as it were. Here is what my public profile looks like.

Do at least one gig completely. The first one may take you a bit of time but once you have done one, the next one will be easier and the one after that will be even easier.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is you’ll need images for each of your gigs. If you have them, great. If you don’t, there are sites where you can download free images legally. The one I use is Pixabay, as it has a great choice, and it’s free.

5. Start Marketing Yourself

You can do that by going on Quora and answering questions in your niche. Put a link in your bio saying what you do and then when you solve people’s problems, ask them to check out your bio for more help.

Fiverr Freelance Writer
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Find writing forums and answer questions about anything you feel qualified to answer. You don’t need to sell. Just give useful info and make sure there is a link in your signature back to your Fiverr profile.

Finally, get on Facebook and join groups in your niche. Spend the first month offering advice, tips and tricks, and so on. You don’t have to give great long answers; it’s Facebook, not Quora, but make sure you provide value. When people ask for help, and you think they should pay for it, share your Fiverr link with them.

Wrapping It All Up

And there you have it. I know writers, and sadly I’m not one of them (yet), who earn hundreds of dollars for a 1000-word article, so the money is there; it’s just it’s going to take you time to get there. If you want to be a writer, I would go for it. If nothing else, it’s rewarding mentally, which is more than can be said for most jobs.

Check out this post if you’d like to speed up the process by learning how to write decent copy and set up a great Fiverr profile.

Finally, if you do decide to start your career as Fiverr freelance writer, come back and tell us how you did; I’m sure we’d all like to know how you did, and any tips and tricks you could give readers.

If you enjoyed the above, leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, please feel free to add that below too. Thanks and speak again soon.

Become a Fiverr Freelance Writer and Make Some Good Money Online
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Become a Fiverr Freelance Writer and Make Some Good Money Online
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