Content Marketing – Your #1 Blogging Strategy for Success

So, you want to start a blog and you’ve got some ideas on what to write about. You start writing blog posts and articles two or three times a week. You’ve also connected your blog to so that you can see how your blog is doing in the search rankings. And nothing happens. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Read on to find out this blogging strategy for success will work best for you.

Content Marketing Should Be Your #1 Blogging Strategy

Before we start, you should understand that content marketing it a marathon, not a sprint. If you try to learn everything at once, you’ll never get anywhere. Take your time.

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A good understanding of content marketing worked out over a year is better than a poor understanding worked out after five minutes.

Content Marketing Definition

You probably know what content marketing is but just in case you are new to blogging, let me give you a quick content marketing definition. Actually, I won’t; I’ll leave it to the experts. Here is what the Content Marketing Institute says:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Got that? The keywords there are, “valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience” What that means is you have to write good content. Simple as that. Gone are the days of 300-word rehashed PLR posts. I generally aim for interesting and informative posts over 1000 words, although more is probably better. I just get bored writing long articles all the time.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Neil Patel has a great blog post all about developing a content strategy which you can find here. However, if you’re pressed for time, and who isn’t these days, here is my very brief summary of what developing a blogging strategy consists of.

First of all, you’ve got to define your goals. Decide what your goals are and stick to them. Research your audience. is a make money online type website so my audience is pretty easy to find out. What is your audience? Focus on your niche and try to create great content. Try not to rehash the same old stuff that everyone else has written about.

Try to measure your results. I confess that this is one area that I really need to do better. I use which is a dumbed down version of Google Analytics. When you get bigger remember to listen to your customers. Find out what they are saying and try and answer their questions before they are asked.

Defining Your Blogging Strategy

When you are defining your content marketing strategy, you have got to look at everything, which is what makes having a blogging strategy so challenging. I’m going to credit iScoop with the content for this paragraph; head over here if you want to read the following in more detail.

– Analyse what content is needed.
– Make an inventory of existing content.
– Set up the proper content planning, collaboration and scheduling processes.
– Develop a narrative reflecting the brand’s promise and unique value proposition.
– Automate specific marketing processes
– Plan a content strategy for different channels.
– Make sure the content gets found and shared.
– Define content-specific metrics and KPIs.
– Create, source, aggregate, curate, and optimise content.
– Define a proper mix that fits the goals.
– Provide content in different formats
– Map content to pain points.
– Plan campaigns in the overall marketing strategy.
– Define governance, content flows, managing content assets, storing ideas and data, etc.
– Train the people involved in planning, execution and follow-up.
– Close the loop between your marketing and sales.
– Look at less typical content needs.
– Analyse your competitors, markets, what customers/prospects want and say, etc.
– Testing, optimizing, testing, optimizing, testing, optimizing, etc.

The above really does put things into perspective when you see all of the different jobs you need to think about. However, I wouldn’t try and do all of them at once. Concentrate on one till you get it down pat; then move on to the next one and then the next.

Content Marketing Examples

The best way to see how this all works is to look at some content marketing examples. As we have seen so far, while the idea of content marketing is not particularly difficult to grasp, because it is made up of so many different aspects, it’s difficult to imagine a successful content marketing campaign. I’d like to credit Marketing Land for help with helping me find good examples.

Blogging Strategy for Success
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– Coke’s “Share A Coke” Campaign
– Buffer’s Open Blog
– Hootsuite And A Game of Social Thrones
– Microsoft And Stories
– HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing
– McDonald’s Question Time
– GoPro And Visual Content
– Share As Image

What I noticed instantly and find quite interesting is that if you look at Marketing Land’s list, only two of the eight companies are traditional companies. I suppose it’s not surprising that more modern companies ‘get’ content marketing more than traditional companies.

Content Marketing Cheat Sheets

Since I have a little space left, let’s see if we can bring it all together. I’m going to get help from a few different websites here. The first is the Marketing Insider Group. They have an incredible amount of infographics, which beats the hell out of me, as I don’t have any. The link above will take you to a blog post with 15 cheats to help you speed up the entire content marketing process.

Blogging Strategy for Success
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The next website I would suggest having a look at is Follow this link and you’ll be able to read the cheat sheet – Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies. I particularly like the bit in the opening paragraph when they talk about “Lots of moving parts…”. Good, that is.

I thought I’d leave the best for last. The Content Marketing Institute has a great blog post called, “2018 Content Marketing Toolkit: Tips, Templates, and Checklists“. Ignore the 2018 bit. There is no difference in the basic strategies between 2018 and 2019. Content marketers only worry about changes in strategies when Google decides to update its algorithm.

How to Get Help for Your Blogging Strategy

If you need help with getting your blogging strategy going, then I suggest you check out Pathway to Passive Income. This is the kind of resource I wish I own way earlier. If you’re serious about making a living off affiliate marketing then you have to check this out.

Enjoyed the above or found it useful? Then, please feel free to leave a comment saying how wonderful I am. If you didn’t enjoy it, you don’t have to say anything. Speak again soon.

Content Marketing - Your #1 Blogging Strategy for Success
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Content Marketing - Your #1 Blogging Strategy for Success
If you haven't got your content marketing strategy sorted yet, you need to; it's your #1 blogging strategy for success. This article will show you how to start.
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