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Freelance Writing and Fiverr – How to Earn an Online Income

Please note: The two courses in this blog post were free but may now are paid courses. To be honest, they are still very good value. I know because I have done them both However, keep reading and you can decide for yourself if you think they are worth it.

So, you’re stuck at home, sitting at your kitchen table, and you’re staring at a bunch of bills with “OVERDUE” written all over them. You’re wondering how the heck you got into this situation, how you’re going to fix the situation, and maybe what you’re even doing with your life. Well, don’t worry. With the help of two FREE Freelance Writing and Fiverr courses, you can get your life back on track, and start to pay off some of those bills.

Now one thing I would like to say before you start reading this is that all you have to do is take action. If you complete the two courses, follow all the instructions, set some daily SMART goals, and within a month or two, you should be earning some money.

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But don’t think you will be able to retire or give up the day job. That will take you a little longer, I’m afraid. Make sure your goals are realistic. If you can get one writing job a day, and a couple over the weekend, you will be on your way. Then build on that.

The reason most people don’t succeed in freelance writing and Fiverr is not that they are stupid, or that they don’t do the courses. The problem is almost always not taking action and not persevering. So, if you want to succeed in freelance writing and Fiverr, don’t give up!

Anyway, lecture time over. Carry on reading so you can take the first steps to a lovely new career in working for yourself and finally being able to fire your boss.

How to Make Money on Fiverr – Become The Top 1% of Sellers

The first thing you will is a Fiverr account. If you have got one, you can move onto the next paragraph. If you haven’t, click this link and set one up now. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. Don’t bother filling in any of the details yet; you will learn how to do all that in the next step.

Now that you have set up your Fiverr account, you need to sign up for “How to Make Money on Fiverr – Become The Top 1% of Sellers“. That link takes you my review. This is an awesome course presented by BitDegree, the best place to go for online courses and e-learning.

Do yourself a favour here and take action now! And I mean right now! Click on the button below and do the Fiverr course now. Then come back here and finish reading this post.

Finished the “How to Make Money on Fiverr: Become The Top 1% of Sellers”? Great! Let’s move onto the second step in your plan for financial independence.

But before we going on, you may well be asking yourself how you are going to make money online freelance writing when you have never done any writing. Well, don’t worry. If you have ever had the ‘pleasure’ of hiring any freelance writers on Fiverr, you’ll know they are pretty shit. With the next course, you’ll be making money in no time.

Persuasive Writing Course: Learn To Write Amazing Copy

In this course, you’ll learn all about persuasive writing. “So what?” you might be saying, but persuasive writing is the bedrock of any blog post, article, even Facebook ad. If you can write persuasively, you’ll have a licence to print money.

Head over to my review “Top 7 Insider Secrets Guaranteed to Improve Your Writing… for Free!“, and check it out. Then sign up for the course using the link on the review page or you can click the button below.

As with the first course, try to complete it all in one go. It will only take you a couple of hours. Oh, and make sure you have a pen and paper; you’ll need them.

Did you finish it? Pretty cool, wasn’t it? Now, with freelance writing and Fiverr, you have the skills to start making money online as a writer, plus you know how to set yourself up to become a top 1% of Fiverr sellers. The only thing that’ll stop you, is if you don’t take action. So, get going now.

By the way, if you are not sure how to get people to see your Fiverr profile, follow this advice from the boys at Fiverr themselves.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment if you like what you’ve read, and if you take the course, please come back and tell us what you think about it.

PLEASE NOTE: “I am a participant in DitDegree Affiliate Program. This is an affiliate marketing program designed to provide a means for people to earn affiliate commission by promoting BitDegree. There are affiliate links in this post. I make a commission if you click on any of them and buy a course on BitDegree.”

Freelance Writing and Fiverr – How to Make Money Online
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Freelance Writing and Fiverr – How to Make Money Online
With the help of two FREE freelance writing and Fiverr courses, you can get your life back on track, and start to pay off some bills. This article tells you how to do it.
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