Hacking For Beginners – Perform Your First Hack Today


Short, concise and straight to the point. This is how this hacking course will guide to into your first hack in two hours!

You want to learn hacking, but you don’t know where to start? Then this is the course for you. Hacking for beginners course requires zero experience, zero programming knowledge, and zero Linux knowledge.

We start with the assumption that you know nothing about anything. And step by step we will build up your knowledge so you can perform your first hack in two hours!

What You Will Learn?

  • Four components required to perform ethical hacking
  • Basics of vulnerability scanning to identify vulnerable hosts
  • Port scanning and how you identify running services
  • Exploitation with Metasploit to compromise your target

NOTE: this course is for students with ZERO knowledge about hacking. If you already have experience then you should take more advanced courses.

The course is divided into three parts.

Part 1 – Foundations

  • Understand the internet and the components that make it work
  • IP addresses and why they’re needed for hacking
  • DNS and how it makes the internet work
  • Servers and services and why are needed for hacking
  • Deep dive into packets

Part 2 – Lab Setup

  • Set up your own lab to practice hacking legally

Part 3 – Hacking

  • Find out about port scanning and one of the favourite tools for hackers
  • Understand vulnerability scanning and how you can identify weaknesses
  • Exploit the weaknesses you find to hack your target

By the end of the course, you will have the skills to:

  1. Identify the 4 necessary components for every hack to happen
  2. Find weaknesses in your target
  3. Exploit your target and take control of it.

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