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How Can I Earn Money Online Quickly So I’m No Longer Scraping By?

This is a very common question, so I’ll try and answer it as well as I possibly can. In it, you will learn the basics of how to start affiliate marketing if you are completely broke. There will also be a section on how to do the same thing if you have a bit of money to spend on training. So, read on to find out how you can earn money online quickly.

Let me start by saying, I know exactly how you feel. Scraping by seems to be what 90% of everyone is doing these days. However, firstly, I’m going to have to address the “earn money online quickly” part of the question.

Earning Money Online Quickly

Honestly, there is almost no such thing as being able to earn money online quickly. I’m afraid it just doesn’t exist. But the good news is you don’t want it to. If it did exist, it would probably disappear as quickly as it started, like many a “Make $50,000 in Your First 5 Minutes Online” scams.

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What you want to do is make money consistently, naturally building it up as you go along until you get to the stage where you are almost sitting around doing nothing, and still earning a couple of thousand bucks each week. If that’s the kind of thing that you’d like to get into, here is my advice.

Age Is Not a Barrier to Online Success

First of all, let me state for the record that age is not a barrier to online success so don’t let your age put you off. I’m 55 at the time of writing, and though I have had many ups and downs, being an old bugger wasn’t the reason for them. Being stupid was, but old wasn’t.

earn money online quickly

There is nothing to stop you being as successful and doing the same things as all the young ‘uns are doing… if that makes sense.

And if you’re a young person, the same goes for you. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that literally, anyone can do it. Young/old, fat/thin, rich/poor, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got access to the internet, you can make money online.

Avoiding the Scammers and the Scams

Right, now let’s get back to the earning money online quickly. As I said before, but it’s important so I’m saying it again, don’t fall for any of the scams that say something like, “Homeless man make $500,000 in 3 weeks using this simple system.” or some other BS. If that were true, we’d all be doing it.

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I know you’re going to be tempted. I know, because I was not only tempted but bought every scam under the sun. So please, for your sake and mine, do not reach for the credit card every time, you see a picture of a big house, a fast cart, and pretty girls (or handsome men).

Here Is the Best Way to Earn Money Online

As always, I’m going to advise you do affiliate marketing. The reason for that is that it’s cheap to start, anyone can do it, and there’s lots of free training if you really can’t afford any paid courses.

Now, if you’re scraping by in the sense that you are completely broke, you’re still going to have to find a bit of cash to get you started, Here’s what you need:

– A niche (something to promote): Best niches of 2019 What are the Top selling ClickBank products in 2019?
– A domain name (based on your niche) Cheap Domain Names – Buy Domain Names from $0.98 – Namecheap
– Hosting (somewhere to put your website) Cheap Domain Names – Buy Domain Names from $0.98 – Namecheap (again)
– Free YouTube video training – YouTube

Actually, you could go even cheaper by using free website hosting like WordPress.com: Create a Free Website or Blog or Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | Wix.com, but I strongly recommend you get your own website.

I Recommend ClickBank University

Now, if you’re a little less than completely broke, I suggest you get yourself some training. For this, I strongly recommend ClickBank University. That link will take you to an article I wrote about Affiliate Marketing in 2019. I recommend CBU because it was designed and is presented by affiliate marketers who have made 7 or 8 figures in affiliate marketing.

earn money online quickly

The other reason I suggest CBU is it’s based around ClickBank (obviously). ClickBank is the easiest affiliate marketing site to join. It literally takes a couple of minutes to sign up, there are no checks to see if you know what you’re doing, and you can start using affiliate links immediately.

And as an extra bonus, you can link CB to your bank account so you don’t need to use PayPal, which if you aren’t aware, is the worst period internet period business period in the world. Okay, that was 6 years ago but so what? It’s still crap.

And there you have it. I’d like to leave you with the same advice I give everyone. There are many ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the easiest, but there are many more. Whatever you decide to do, persevere. It might take a while to get there but as long as you don’t give up, you’ll almost certainly succeed.

Finally, if you would like to check out my other ClickBank University and affiliate marketing posts, click this link here.

Wrapping It All Up

And there you have it. I hope you found the above useful. As always, if you want to add anything, do not hesitate to write them in the comment section below.

If you enjoyed the above, leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, please feel free to add that below too. Thanks and speak again soon.

PLEASE NOTE: “I am a participant in ClickBank University. This is an affiliate marketing program designed to provide a means for people to earn affiliate commission by promoting CBU. There are affiliate links in this post. I make a commission if you click on any of them and buy ClickBank University.”

How Can I Earn Money Online Quickly So I'm No Longer Scraping By?
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