How I Plan to Retire with the Help of Affiliate Marketing and Quora

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this post, and why I decided to write about how I am going to retire using affiliate marketing and Quora, I think I’d better tell you why I decided to write this post.

I get a lot of people asking me the same old question. “How do I know that the online money-making program I’m thinking of buying is not a scam?”

I certainly think it’s not a bad idea to take all online money-making programs with a pinch of salt. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all ways to make money online are scams.

You’ll often read people making comments like, “If there is so much money to be made, why is the person not keeping it a secret?”

I have to say I find the argument that someone wouldn’t want to sell a good idea on slightly bizarre. Equally so if they’d devised a genuine system for making money online. If that were a good economic argument for keeping profitable ideas secret, we wouldn’t have franchises for a start.

It was also a comment like the above that made me want to write this post, but you will have to read till the end to discover the point I am trying to make.

Affiliate Marketing and Quora

Now, let’s take an example of someone who hopes to sell a money-making program himself – me.

I started a blog 3 months ago. I add content to it on a daily basis. The money-making programs I have on my blog are all proven programs that make money if the person who buys the programs actually follows the instructions and puts in the work. You can also check out my Quora bio to see how my profile looks if you’d like.

Marketing with Quora

The only marketing I’m doing for the blog is answering questions on Quora related to the niche of my blog, which is making money online of course. So, why am I doing this?

Well, a lot of blogging to make money programs are quite complex. They normally have lots of different strategies that need to be done to become successful. I’m seeing if it’s possible to set up a successful blog using Quora as a way to get people to notice it.

Quora Is Not for Marketing

I’m probably going to get lots of criticism from Quorans saying that I shouldn’t be using affiliate marketing and Quora as a way to market my blog.

Well, all I can say to that is that Quora shouldn’t allow any questions about affiliate marketing, blogging, Kindle eBook publishing, making money online, drop shipping, etc.

And anyway, I try not to put too many links in my Quora answers to avoid being labelled a spammer. But let’s get back to the point of my post.

If in another three months or so, I start earning some money, I’ll be very happy. If I am earning more money three months after that, I’ll be even happier. And if I succeed in turning my blog into something that is earning around $1000 a month by the end of its first year, I’ll be ecstatic.

Building My Affiliate Marketing Empire

Now, let’s assume that this all works. Then I will take 50% of the money I make from my first blog and set up a new one. The 50% will be used to pay for freelancers to generate content at $20 an article. I would spend my time sitting on Quora writing answers about whatever my new blog is about.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

If that goes well, I will play around with the percentages. Then I should be able to pay for someone to answer Quora questions for me. I will then post the answers on Quora myself.

If that all goes well, I will have three blogs making $3000 or so a month. Of course, there will be expenses, which I hope to keep between 25% and 50%.

However, even if I have to spend 50% of my earnings on employing people for different aspects of my blogs, I still will be more than happy. It’s still around $1,500 a month for doing very little.

Will This Strategy Work?

It’s a good question. There is no reason why it shouldn’t. The regularity of my posts in this blog should mean that Google likes my blog and ranks it. Answering questions on Quora should give it some extra oomph, so the two tactics together should work quite nicely.

What I thought I would also do is add the charts from my Google search console, so we can see how I get on each month. I will add earnings as well but as you can imagine from the lack of clicks, I’m not making any money at the moment.

Total Clicks

affiliate marketing and Quora

Total Impressions

affiliate marketing and Quora

Average CTR

affiliate marketing and Quora

Average Position

affiliate marketing and Quora

What If This Works?

So, now we get to the point of this article. If you remember, at the of this article I mentioned that people say people must be scammers if they sell online money-making programs because if they could make money, why would they sell the method and not just make more money?

Let’s imagine I keep this method going. If I had 10 websites, I would be earning $10,000 a month less expenses. If I had 20, I’d be earning $20,000 less expenses, and so on.

Sure the money would be great, but I’d end up work 40 hours a week just to manage all my sites. The entire point of doing this was to work at the most 40 hours a month.

Time to Become a Publisher

To avoid building 10s or even 100s of sites, and having to work full-time trying to run them all, I’m going to start selling a course to people showing them the exact same method I used to build my affiliate empire so they can build their own empires.

The one good thing about becoming a product provider rather than an affiliate marketer is that you are now the person raking all the cash in for doing nothing, having done all the work already.

And that is why people start to sell online money-making programs; so they can stop working so hard on affiliate marketing, and start working hard to keep all the affiliates happy.

And who said there was no such thing as passive income?

If you enjoyed the above, leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, please feel free to add that below too. Thanks and speak again soon.

How I Plan to Retire with the Help of Affiliate Marketing and Quora
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How I Plan to Retire with the Help of Affiliate Marketing and Quora
Following a question asked to me I decided to write an article about my plans for world domination using affiliate marketing and Quora, and becoming a publisher in my own right.
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