Is It Possible to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

A lot of people ask me if it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website and the simple answer is, “Yes, it most certainly is”. In this post, I’m going to describe to you a method to do affiliate marketing without a website.

In fact, you may be surprised to hear that a website is not that important to start making money online with affiliate marketing. Don’t get me wrong, a website is definitely worth having, but you don’t have to have one.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Now, when I say you don’t need a website, that’s not quite true. What I mean by this is you don’t need a domain name, hosting, etc. You do, however, need a free website.

The reason for this is on many social media sites and forums, you can’t put links directly to a sales page. Having a free website gets around this restriction and lets you post your link. So, what free website platform to use?

You can use any free website platform.,,, and many others. In all honesty, it really doesn’t matter what one you use. In fact, I’m testing a method of affiliate marketing that is using Google Sites.

So, let’s get into the whole point of this post, which is to show you how to do affiliate marketing without a (paid) website. Here’s what I’m doing:

How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

First of all, you need to sign up for various sites. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, niche forums, and so on. You’re going to use these sites to post the link to your free website. Don’t go overboard, by the way. Two or three sites are enough. I just use Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.

Start Posting with Quora

Start with Quora. Find questions about your niche. You can go for topics such as affiliate marketing, weight loss, fitness, or whatever your niche is. Or you can use the search function.

Answer any questions you can. Give advice, make sure your answer has value, so that you hopefully get some views and a few upvotes. It doesn’t have to be really long, but don’t make it too short either.

Let me give you an example. Here is an answer I post on Quora on a reasonably regular basis.

There are many ways to make real money online. All it takes is knowledge, patience, and perseverance. Here is why 98% of people fail:

1. Lack of Knowledge

I know that you get a lot of people on Quora saying, “Do this free course” (it’s never free), “Sign up for this ‘free’ marketing site” (Clickfunnels or Builderall), “Join free survey sites” (complete BS), or some other type of nonsense.

Name one real-world business that started with no money and became successful. You can’t, and online is the same. If you’re not prepared to spend money, you will almost certainly fail.

2. Lack of Patience

So many people read crap like, “Do you want to know how this 17-year-old high school student made $5,000,000,000,000 in 3 days? Click this button NOW!” Of course, this is also complete bullshit. As are 99% of the variations on the net.

You need to be prepared to work at it, and I mean, really work at it. I reckon it takes the equivalent of a full year working full-time to make it online. That’s about 2000 hours. So, if you’re in a full-time job, and only working 10 hours a week, then it’s going to take 4 years for you to succeed!

3. Lack of Perseverance

Similar to #2, most people give up even when they accept making money online is not something that happens overnight. Look at it this way, most people in the world could probably survive quite nicely on $2000 a month.

Imagine in 2 years, you are earning $2000 a month (not an unrealistic figure). Could you give up your day job? If the answer’s yes, then get the training, have a bit of patience, and persevere.

After Posting Your Answer

Once you have posted your answer, you will get a pop-up asking whether you want to post to Twitter and Facebook. This is why you need to have signed up to at least those two social media accounts.

Don’t use the automatic posting for Twitter, by the way. If you do it manually, you can copy the Tweet, and then use it in your Facebook post. You may want to google facebook marketing to find out how to do it properly.

Wrapping It All Up

There you have it. Affiliate marketing without a website. Pretty basic stuff. Admittedly, I have gone through this quite quickly. If you’re unclear about anything, leave a question in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you as soon as poss.

The Follow Up

For those of you who have read my answers before, you know I am into affiliate marketing and ClickBank University. I reckon it’s the best platform out there for the price, it was specifically designed for ClickBank, and the instructors are pretty bloody amazing. Click the link above to check it out.

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You can check out more Reader’s Questions here and feel free to leave a comment if you wish; it’s always appreciated.

Is It Possible to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?
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Is It Possible to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?
Wondering if it's possible to do affiliate marketing without a website? Wonder no more. Read on to find out how you can make money online without a website.
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