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Random Thoughts from Sskillz Online – It’s Not ALL Making Money Online

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to a new update from me, Giles Ensor, and random thoughts from Sskillz Online. I’ll be honest with you, I am writing this mainly to make sure that Google recognises that this blog is still active. That is particularly ironic since my last post was about organising your life properly.

Mind you, I also said that no matter what, the first thing you need to do is the easiest thing and that’s why I’m writing this blog post. Now, I just need to think about something related to Sskillz Online to write about.

Weekly Thoughts

Actually, what I decided to do was write a general post about all things NOT related to making money online because, well, most of us who spend our lives making money online banging on about products to buy, things to do, and what not to do. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a chat.

More About Me

At the moment, I’m living in Granada, which is the small city in the Sierra Nevadas in the south of Spain, not the tiny little island invaded by Clint Eastward in the 80s. It’s a lovely place, quiet and safe, with lots of friendly people. Also, there are very few expats here, which is nice as well.

Where I Now Live

I use to live in Indonesia. In fact, I lived there for about 16 years. It was great fun. I ate too much and drank too much. I would have liked to do other things too much but my wife wouldn’t let me. The problem with Indonesia was that it was a nightmare to live in (even though I lived there for 16 years).

Why I Left Indonesia

Nothing worked, and I mean nothing. And if it did work, Indonesians would do their best to make sure it didn’t. Even when they were offered help, they wouldn’t accept it.

The Dutch once offered three dredging boats to Jakarta because the rivers were flooding and killing people. Of course, the Indonesians said that they could manage their rivers just fine and didn’t need the free dredging boats.

random thoughts from Sskillz Online
Where I Used to Live

And the rivers keep flooding and killing Jakartans.

Just in case you’re wondering why the FREE dredging boats weren’t accepted, that’s easy. If you get something for free, you can’t hide money you want to steal because, well there isn’t any money. You can’t continue to be one of the world’s most corrupt country if you get free shit.

Anyway, I’m digressing even more than usual. Back to random thoughts from Sskillz Online.

Why I Am Leaving Spain

As you know, I am in Spain now and after one year I’m leaving, which says something. What it says is that a major EU country is worse to live in than a failing ‘developing’ country.

Actually, that’s not true. Spain is a great place to live in. It’s just a really shit place to work in. So, I am finally biting the bullet and after 25 years or so, I am moving back to Blighty.

random thoughts from Sskillz Online
Where I’m Going to Live

The problem is that I need my wife and daughter to come with me. Actually, that’s not a problem; I want them to come with me.

The real problem is that because the UK has the most racist anti-immigration policy in the world (and I’m including North Korea and America on that list), I have to get a proper job. Well, I don’t have to, but it’s easier if I do.

So, If you’re reading this, live in the UK, own a big company that’s looking for people to write crap all day about how great your company is, I am open to offers.

Wrapping It All Up

Hmmm. I don’t have anything to wrap up, so TTFN random thoughts from Sskillz Online and me, and I’ll let you know how things work out.

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