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The Top Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019

The first thing you have to work out when you become a freelance writer is where to find the freelance writing jobs in 2019 that will lead to your fame and fortune, or at least for you to be able to pay the bills. So, below you will find some of the best sites to start your freelancing career.

affiliate marketing for dummies
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Please note: when I say ‘best sites’, I don’t necessarily best-paying sites. The sites below are just the sites where you can either find jobs or make yourself a profile so that people can find you. 

The fact is that unless you have built yourself some kind of reputation already, you are not going to be getting the big bucks. Well, not immediately anyway. 

There is plenty of money out there but you are going to have to resign yourself to earning less than you’d like to start. But don’t worry, you can build quickly if you know what you are doing.

Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019

So, here is a list of the best sites to find freelance writing jobs in 2019. The first four are where you will probably need to start if you’re a newbie. The rest are for more experienced writers.

Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019


Sad to say, but Fiverr is still one of the best places for newbies to start. You’re going to have to work hard and you’re going to have to learn how to market yourself online. However, it ain’t that hard and only the most useless of freelancers can’t start making money after a month or two.


Upwork is another of my highest-rated sites. Like Fiverr, you’re going to have to hustle and you’ll need to invest some money now because connects (needed to find jobs) used to be free but aren’t anymore. The good news is that because connects cost money, you see far fewer jobs with lots of proposals. Basically, freelancers now need to think if they have a chance of getting the job. Before it didn’t matter, now it does.

Content Mills

I used to refuse to give any links for these sites but I now promote just the one that seems to not be run by a bunch of scammers. Writers Work does actually pay its writers, which makes a change, and you can earn some really good money from it. In fact, I am going to sign up for it myself in a few days when I am back in the UK and I will give a proper review of it here when I have finished it. Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today!


The problem with Craigslist is that it’s free to put jobs on it. Imagine how much you’re going to get paid if someone won’t even pay a few bucks to look for a half-decent writer. The other problem is the site is full of scammers. Never, ever work for free so make sure you get paid in advance. If they don’t want to pay you in advance, they probably won’t pay you at all.

Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019


Now, I’m going to move onto the more serious sites for finding freelance writing jobs in 2019. All these are better jobs mainly because the people posting the jobs are paying to get their jobs listed.

The first is BloggingPro, which is also probably one of the best known. Now, I’ll be honest with you, these jobs are for serious writers. If you don’t have a portfolio, there is little point in you applying. Use the sites above to build your portfolio first, and then start applying for these types of jobs.


This site has been around since 1998, which is forever in internet terms. It’s also another serious site so, like BloggingPro above, you are going to actually need to know what you’re doing. Don’t apply to if you don’t have a portfolio or you’re a complete newbie. It’s a mistake to rush into these jobs, even if you think you can do them. Proof is everything which is why you need a portfolio.


This site is not to be confused with BloggerPro although they both do more or less the same thing. One advantage of ProBlogger is that you don’t need to create an account or jump through any hoops to apply for work. If you see a job you like, you can just apply. However, the usual caveat applies here. If you are a newbie, don’t apply for these jobs. Recruiters are looking for writers who know what they are doing.


Don’t forget Social Media when looking for jobs. You can try Facebook but, quite honestly, you’re only going to get the worst jobs. Mind you, there are some good groups that you might want to join if you’re looking for like-minded people and advise.

But for me, LinkedIn must be the best place to look for high-paying writing gigs. However, and I apologise for sounding like a broken record here, you need to know what you’re doing. If you’re a newbie, write for the crap sites above for six months and then start looking for the better gigs. You can also click on company websites and if they look crap or don’t have a blog, you can always pitch your services.

Freelance Writing Academy

Finally, I would like to recommend that you check out the Freelance Writing Academy.

I’m afraid there are scams aplenty out there and most freelance writers give up not because they are crap at writing but because they can’t make any headway. FWA helps you avoid the scammers and gets you earning decent money as quickly as possible. Maggie Linders is a six-figure freelance writer who knows every tip and trick in the book to help you avoid the pitfalls to freelance writing. You could honestly do a lot worse than check Freelance Writing Academy out.

Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019

Freelance writing jobs in 2019 are all around us. Whatever happens, don’t give up. Being a freelance writer is one of the best jobs in the world but it does take time, just like anything else that’s worthwhile. Good luck in the future and if you decide to give Freelance Writing Academy a try, come back and tell us how you got on.

Wrapping It All Up

If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, feel free to add that below too. And if you decide to try FWA, please come back and tell us your experiences. Thanks and speak again soon.

The Top Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019
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The Top Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in 2019
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