Weekly Update – Successful Affiliate Marketing Takes Work and Time

Hello and welcome to my latest update on the wacky world of successful affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Kindle eBook publishing and anything else worth doing.

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Successful Affiliate Marketing Takes Work and Time

As usual, I’d like to start with how many posts I have published since my last update. Then, we’ll look at how the website is doing in general. Next, we’ll look at some new marketing techniques I’ve been trying out which are quite exciting, I think.

Finally, we’ll look at some new products I’m promoting as well. So, without further ado, let’s look at what I published since the last update.

Blog Posts: 4th July - 15th July

DateCategoryBlog Post Title
6th July, 2019Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing for Beginners – What’s It All About?
7th July, 2019E-CommerceDrop Shipping and Choosing the Best Products to Sell
7th July, 2019BlogHow to Keep Blogging When You Don’t Have Any Free Time
9th July, 2019Blogging Random Thoughts from Sskillz Online – It’s Not ALL Making Money Online
11th July, 2019Affiliate MarketingHow to Earn Full-Time Income Using YouTube Marketing with No Filming
12th July, 2019FreelancingFreelance Profit Academy – How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge?
13th July, 2019Affiliate MarketingThe 100 Best Evergreen Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2019
13th July, 2019GrammarlyHow to Improve Your Writing So People Understand What You Are Saying
14th July, 2019E-CommerceDropshipping – What Makes a Good Dropshipping Product
15th July, 2019UdemyUdemy Course – How To Build a Profitable eBook Publishing Business

As you can see, I have started a couple of new categories, well, one new, one not so new. I wrote a blog post really to start a conversation, mainly with myself, I may point out. Lol.

You can also see that I have had a couple of off days where I didn’t manage to publish a post. That was to do with my online teaching and the ridiculous amount of hours I was working. I decided that it was time to quit Cambly so I did. I will be writing a review of Cambly here when I have time.

successful affiliate marketing

You’ll also notice that I have started a new category about ‘Udemy’. I wasn’t going to add online courses to this blog, but I got accepted into the Udemy Affiliate Program and there are a lot of courses about making money online, so I thought, what the hell. I doubt I’ll make any money with Udemy but it’s probably worth a few bucks a month.

Search Console Results

Let’s check out my results. As you can see, I have added results from my last update and I think you’ll be impressed. Maybe not as much as I was, but still.

Total Clicks

Total Impressions

Average CTR

successful affiliate marketing

Average Position

successful affiliate marketing

As you can see, the gains I am getting are still looking very healthy. Of course, the average position of my site has slowed down a bit but as clicks improve so should my site’s average position. Still, all in all, I’m very happy with the way things are going. 

New Marketing Techniques

As you know, I started this blog with the idea of only using Quora as a marketing tool. I quickly realised that relying on only one marketing tool, especially one that was quite a time-consuming activity, was probably not a good decision.

Then, I decided that I should add Pinterest as my second marketing strategy. I thought doing Pinterest was quite easy to do, once I’d actually done a course on it. It doesn’t take a lot of work but it does need some organisational skills.

Anyhoo, I was doing another Udemy course the other day and learnt about another rather cool marketing strategy. It’s all to do with borrowing other people’s videos and then promoting them through Facebook. All I do is change the title and descriptions with my own links.

successful affiliate marketing

However, I have been thinking that my descriptions need work and that the links should come back to my site rather than the sales pages of the products that I’m promoting. Still, one of the most important ingredients of successful affiliate marketing is tweaking what you’re doing until it works.

Promoting Udemy Courses

Let’s talk about Udemy. Udemy is an online course provider. Wikipedia says, “Udemy.com is an online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults. Unlike academic massive open online course programs which are driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy uses content from online content creators to sell for profit.”

Now, I’ll be honest, I have no idea how I’m going to promote Udemy. I don’t want this website to be an online course website as such, mainly because I like writing about making money online methods more. I think what I’m going to do is carry on doing what I have been doing, but add Udemy courses into the mix as and when I find them.

If any of you have any better ideas, feel free to put them in the comments below. I am always open to new suggestions.

Wrapping Everything Up

So, what can we take away from this post? From your point of view, I have no idea, but from mine, I’d say it’s main theme is about adapting. Adapting to new marketing methods and adapting to new ways to make money. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what it’s all about.

If you enjoyed this update, please leave a comment. And if you think I’ve left anything out, feel free to add that below too. Thanks and speak again soon.

Weekly Update - Successful Affiliate Marketing Takes Work and Time
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Weekly Update - Successful Affiliate Marketing Takes Work and Time
Hello and welcome to my latest weekly update - Successful Affiliate Marketing Takes Work and Time. Check it out if you're struggling or just starting out with affiliate marketing. You probably won't regret it.
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