SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business

Welcome to another wonderful review written by yours truly. In this review, we are going to be asking the age-old question of what is SEO. While I freely admit that many of you probably know what it is, I reckon a few of you will be surprised that you have gaps in your knowledge; I know I was! So make yourself a coffee, sit back, and read what I think of the course, “SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business”.

How SEO Works
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SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business

The course is pretty impressive – with over 8 hours of on-demand video, but don’t let that put you off. SEO is a complex area of marketing and you need to study a lot to be able to understand it all.

I also should point out that the course is aimed at those with limited to no knowledge. If you have read this far and are saying to yourself, “What is SEO?” this course is perfect for you.

So, exactly what is SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business and what will you learn? Well, this is what it says in the blurb…

If you take this course, you will:

– How to grow your business
– How to use social media for marketing
– How to choose different marketing strategies.
– How to use SEO for your links and marketing.
– How to increase your conversion rates.

What Is in The SEO For Dummies Course?

First of all, prepared to be impressed. If you do this course, you’ll be able to seriously improve the way your website works. Even better, if you learn everything in this course, you’ll be able to hire yourself out as an SEO expert and earn some serious money as well.

Section 1: Course Introduction: Watch This First To Understand What You Get From The Course

– Course welcome and instructor introduction
– Helpful practice activity to start the course: 4-7 step checklist

Section 2: SEO introduction. Starting with keyword research

– SEO section introduction
– SEO keyword research tools introduction
– Keyword research example and deciding on which search engine to target
– Advanced keyword targeting example
– Google voice SEO & Answer-box SEO
– Long-tail. vs. short-tail SEO keywords
– Keyword exercise to try
– Example of my own keyword research and thinking outside the box
– Keyword density, keyword stuffing, tools to help you and few uses of the tools
– 16-step keyword research checklist
– Greyhat SEO, when keyword stuffing is ok and when not to do it
– Keywords exercise and test to really drive this part of SEO knowledge home
– Final keyword test answers – see how I think about the keywords

Section 3: Strategies for popular business types & first-time marketer mistakes

– Section introduction
– Ecommerce example for SEO
– How to promote a local service

Section 4: On-page SEO: Beginner to savvy and advanced strategies

– On-page SEO introduction
– How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO
– How to set title/description meta tags for SEO
– Boosting SEO ranking with HTML tags
– Cornerstone SEO pages that get shared more and rank better
– 5 common SEO mistakes: Don’t make these
– Website load speed plugin
– Google Analytics

Section 5: Off-page SEO & Smart SEO

– Off-page SEO section introduction
– Factors from Google search: What will make you rank higher in Google search
– Google SEO for new websites & Google Citations
– How to get links on Wikipedia
– Link-building for SEO: 10 ways to get high-quality links for SEO via publicity
– What makes a link good for SEO
– Guest-blogging for SEO – how to do it properly
– Link-begging introduction. The brute-force approach that will never stop working
– Script for cold emailing (link-begging) for backlink requests
– Competitor link research

Section 6: Additional SEO strategies to rank higher and be smarter about SEO

– Google SEO trends for 2018 and 2019 and what to focus on
– Influencing SEO ranking with intent-match strategy
– Advanced SEO: Example of how to use Microformats and have HTML generated for you
– Advanced intent-match boosting strategy for ranking higher in Google search
– How to rank almost any page in Google top-10
– Leveraging recommendation algorithms
– How to prioritize your SEO efforts per page
– Common question: Should you have a blog?

Section 7: Combining on-page SEO and sales copywriting

– Introducing on-page SEO and combining it with sales copywriting
– CHECKLIST: Sales page conversion checklist to boost sales in addition to SEO
– EXAMPLE of a sales page that balances SEO and conversion optimization

Section 8: Social media marketing fundamentals and good practices

– Social media marketing introduction
– Social media marketing mistakes

Section 9: Creating your own show on social media

– Introduction to building your own show
– Monetization for your show
– Marketing for a podcast
– An extra way to promote each episode
– A daily, monthly or weekly show
– Deciding on a solo show or a show with guests
– Podcast equipment
– YouTube equipment
– Podcast hosting
– Longer vs. shorter shows
– Topic coverage: Evergreen vs. current topics
– Signing up for Libsyn podcast hosting
– Before setting up a podcast on iTunes
– Last steps of adding your podcast to iTunes
– Possible free funding for your show

Section 10: Live YouTube show or live Facebook show

– Live show introduction
– Encoding software for live streaming and mobile options
– How to set up your encoding software settings
– Setting your bit rate and resolution correctly for the perfect streaming
– How to go live on YouTube and Facebook

Section 11: Brief introductions to a few of the social platforms

– Quora marketing to get immediate traffic to your website and videos
– Reddit
– Forums
– Section conclusion

Section 12: Writing headlines to get social and SEO attention

– How to get higher click-through-rates for social media posts by writing better headlines
– Headline exercise

Section 13: Twitter marketing

– Twitter marketing section introduction
– Branding your Twitter page like a professional
– What to do on Twitter on day 1
– Tweet formula: How much and what types of content to tweet
– Best days and times to tweet

Section 14: Facebook marketing

– What you can expect from different promotional strategies on Facebook
– How Facebook is becoming the new LinkedIn

Section 15: How to go viral on Facebook

– Introduction to virality
– Explaining the viral coefficient formula
– How to boost virality
– Ads having a role in virality
– Viral coefficient calculator
– Boosting content with ads to increase virality

Section 16: YouTube Marketing

– YouTube section introduction
– How a professional would approach the promotion of a single YouTube video
– YouTube SEO introduction
– YouTube keyword research
– YouTube On-Page SEO
– Introducing the YouTube recommendation algorithm
– How to get more subscribers on YouTube
– Overview of my YouTube channel to give you ideas for how you can grow on YouTube
– What to do when you first begin your YouTube channel

Section 17: Selling Books And Other Products On Amazon

– Section introduction
– How to become a bestselling author even if you are a bad writer 🙂
– Overview of the main ways people will find your book
– Amazon SEO ranking factors

most affiliate marketers fail

Section 18: Introduction To Marketing: Beginners Please Watch This First

– Marketing fundamentals section introduction
– How to identify your target market
– EXERCISE to get to know your target market more deeply

Section 19: Case studies from students

– Lyssa Menard coaching
– Violin Vibrato coaching
– Zippisite
– SocialBlast case study
– Knoverse case study
– Tips on trading case study
– Blueberry smoothies blog case study
– Life coaching business case study
– Don Sturgill business case study

Section 20: How to create free infographics to make more engaging social and blog posts

– How to make a Canva account
– How to create your infographic so you can make more attractive posts
– Where to get unlimited free visuals to immediately enhance your content

There is so much in this course and so much that I like that it is impossible to go through it all here. What I will say is that considering this course is under $35 (at the time of writing), it is one of the best value SEO courses I have ever seen on the internet.

SEO for Dummies
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Who Is Your Instructor for This Course?

Alex Genadinik is an experienced instructor, teacher, entrepreneur and book author. He is an expert in software engineering, SEO and social marketing, app development and entrepreneurship. His achievement in numbers:

– Developed over 100 online courses
– Attracted more than 100,000 students
– Three-time best-selling Amazon author
– Has sold around 1,000,000 books
– Consulted on over 1,000 businesses
– Apps on business downloaded over 1,000,000 times across Kindle, iOS, and Android
– Owner of a business channel on Youtube

Wrapping It All Up

Is this course on SEO For Dummies: Powerful Tips That Help You to Boost Your Business worth it? Absolutely. 8 hours of great tutoring for less than $40? I don’t know of a course that would be better value than this and considering who the instructor is, this course would be worth doing if it were 10 times the price.

And that’s it. Good luck with your future studies. I hope you succeed in whatever you want to achieve. You can check out this course by clicking the button below.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment if you like what you’ve read, and if you take the course, please come back and tell us what you think about it.

And feel free to share this article on your favourite social media site by using the buttons above. Thanks.

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