most affiliate marketers fail

Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail and What You Can Do About It

To say that there are many reasons why most affiliate marketers fail is an understatement. However, it’s essential to understand that there are two types of affiliate marketers; those that deserve to fail and those that don’t. Let’s look at the former and then move on to the latter.

Affiliate Marketers Who Deserve to Fail

I’m sorry if this sounds, but the fact is that some people are just not cut out to be affiliates. This is because they misunderstand what being an affiliate marketer entails. Here are the three biggest reasons, in my opinion, why people fail.

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1. Lack of Knowledge

People enter into affiliate marketing because they think it’s easy. They believe that all they need to do is set up a website, write a few posts, and wait for the money to roll in. Well, I can assure you that if that were the case, I’d be rolling in the money and not writing this article. Actually, I probably would, but you get my point.

2. Lack of Patience

This follows on from the last point. Eventually, people understand that there is more to affiliate marketing than the above. So, they have two choices; study how to become a good affiliate or give up. Almost everyone to a man (or woman) will choose the latter. Which is a shame considering how easy the training is.

3. Lack of Perseverance

Finally, for those that chose to learn how to become affiliates, they still make the mistake of thinking that it is quick money; again, it isn’t. To set everything up so that you earn a high income that grows every month takes time. If they’re not making lots of money by the end of three months, they give up.

Sadly, those three points above are the reason why around 95% of all affiliates end up never making money online. You have got to be part of the 2% if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. But what if you are determined not to give up, but you’re still struggling. Read on to find out why most affiliate marketers fail, even when they don’t deserve to.

Affiliate Marketers Who Don’t Deserve to Fail

Now let’s take a look at the other reasons why affiliates fail. There may be more than two reasons, but I certainly think that the two biggest reasons are that they can’t get people to visit their sites or they can get visitors to buy what they’re promoting. So let’s look in more detail at these two problems.

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An affiliate site who doesn’t get visitors is in the same trouble as a shop that doesn’t get customers. No matter what, without potential buyers coming through the door, literally or metaphorically, the businesses will be screwed.

One of the easiest ways to get visitors, as many as you want, is to fork over lots of cash. It’s not a good long term strategy because it’s costly and you need to hope and pray that you get sales or your traffic will be even more expensive.

1. Can’t Get People to Visit Your Sites

The much better way to get visitors to your site is through social media or search engines. Both of these methods are free unless your paying someone to do your social media and content, but they take a lot more time to work.

To increase your chances of doing well, you need to get people not only to read your content but to share it as well. You need to get people to link to your website from their website. These backlinks will raise your visitor rates substantially as your site will appear more on search engines.

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The other way to get visitors to your website is to share links on social media, blogs, Quora, forums, and anywhere else you can think of. Either way, you are going to have to share. If your links aren’t shared, you’re going to struggle, simple as that.

Now, we need to think about why your site or content isn’t being shared. Again, I believe there are numerous reasons why your content isn’t being shared, some may be difficult to fix, some not so difficult. Let’s have a look at a few different problems.

2. Confusing Website

If no one who visits understands what you are trying to do, then nobody is going to share it. I hope that you can see what my site is about if nothing else because the menus are clearly showing what I’m promoting. Plus, in the sidebar, there are also images showing what I’m promoting, and there is a recent posts box so visitors can see a list of what I have written about.

3. Unremarkable Content

If your content doesn’t grab the reader, then they are unlikely to share it. Is this post repetitive? Have you read the same ideas elsewhere that you’re reading here? Are you feeling excited about what you’re reading? If you’re not creating content that is worth something, people won’t share it.

most affiliate marketers fail
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4. Competitive Keywords

If you’re trying to rank for keywords that are too competitive, you’re not going to get very far. There are already plenty of websites that have monopolised the best keywords, and your site is unlikely to outrank theirs.

Let me put it in the most simple of ways. If your website is bollocks and your content is crap, you will not get any help from the very people you need to help you. And you’re an affiliate, so your site is probably crap because you’re in it for the money, not for love.

However, before you throw your hands in the air like some exasperated Italian talking politics, do not despair; there is good news coming.

If your website is as crap as all the other affiliate sites out there, you only need to make a little bit of effort to beat all your competitors. So, by just doing a little bit more than the bare minimum, your site will rank higher than all the other affiliates out there who are only prepared to do no more than the bare minimum.

Okay, we’re going to talk about all of the above, but if you remember, there were two reasons why you’re not succeeding as an affiliate; no one visiting or no one buying. So, let’s look at what we can do about getting people to buy.

Why You Aren’t Making Any Sales

There could be one or two things going on that is affecting people’s willingness to buy from you. Like your website itself, there usually are three significant issues why you’re having problems. Let’s have a look.

most affiliate marketers fail
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1. Promoting Products That Don’t Sell

You need to choose products that sell. If you have a look at what is in the right-hand sidebar, you should see images for ClickBank University, K Money Mastery, and Super Affiliate System. Now, I know these are popular products because people are buying them. I know that because they are all ClickBank products and all have high gravity (lots of sales).

Of course, your products could be great, but you’re not getting the right type of visitor. However, if it’s clear what your website is about; for example, there are lots of posts on one topic, it’s relatively unlikely that Google is sending you the wrong type of visitor.

2. Not Funnelling People Towards a Sale

You need to persuade people to buy your products. It’s not enough just to get visitors to your site in the hope they’ll buy something. You have to use little psychological tricks to persuade people to buy from you.

This doesn’t mean you should just slap lots of banners and links all over the place. Some of the best funnels are so good that visitors don’t even know they are in a funnel. Obviously, I need to work on my own funnels, which you should always be doing as well.

3. Targeting the Wrong People

This is another tricky one. You need to attract the right type of traffic. There’s no point attracting fitness fanatics if your site is all about losing weight. Likewise, if you’re getting visitors who like to sit in a bar drinking beer and smoking while watching sport, i.e. me, and your site is all about hiking in the mountains, then you’re not going to get many sales.

The fact is that not all traffic is the same and you need to make sure that the people who are coming to your website are people who have come from search engines or other sites that are similar to yours. For example, if I were getting visitors looking for ways to lose weight, then obviously, my targetting has gone very wrong.

The 4 Simple Steps to Affiliate Success

– Find products that sell.
– Target the right traffic.
– Build a good funnel.
– Create a website that people will share.

Wrapping It All Up

And there you have it. Hopefully, you now know why most affiliate marketers fail and you can go away to look at your own website, to see if you can fix the problems that I have described above. If you would like more help, head over to Pathway to Passive. It’s an entirely free guide that helped me get started on my journey to being a successful affiliate marketer.

most affiliate marketers fail

Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail and What You Can Do About It
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Why Most Affiliate Marketers Fail and What You Can Do About It
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